Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 89: Delivering a Letter

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“Ah, Ars-sama! Welcome back!” (Ritsu)

When I returned to the mansion, Ritsu rushed in to meet me. 

When he heard the news that I had returned, he hurried to the front door of the mansion.

“I’m back now. You seem to be alright without me Ritsu.”

“As long as Ars-sama is very safe … I will immediately prepare for the party to celebrate Ars-sama’s return…” (Ritsu)

“Wait, wait, you don’t have to set up a party, I have to go to Canale right away.”

“Are you going to Canale?” (Ritsu)

“Oh, I need to go to deliver the letter from Clan-sama. I’m going to leave tomorrow.”

“Well, even if we don’t have a party, it’s been a long time since Ars-sama returned. Let’s prepare a more luxurious meal than before.” (Ritsu)

Ritsu hurried to give instructions to the mansion’s chef.

“Ritsu, I’m back, but you’ve only noticed Ars-sama. You’re quite the rude person to ignore me!” (Charlotte)

Charlotte puffs up her cheeks.

Sure, Ritsu didn’t seem to care about Charlotte and Shin at all.

Especially Shin who is new, he didn’t notice him at all.

I wonder if he was relieved to see me come back.

…… By the way, Shin was a person from the Imperial City.

I heard that discrimination against Marcans is terrible in the Imperial City, but what does Shin think when he saw Ritsu?

“Is this the mansion of Lamberk? Well, this is owned by a weak aristocrat, isn’t it?” (Shin)

He muttered quite rudely, but he didn’t seem to care about Ritsu.

“Hey, Shin, about Ritsu… You’re not going to discriminate against him for being Marcan?”

“Marcans? Oh, that’s right. It’s certainly rare to be in an aristocratic house. Well, but I wish I could build an airship. No matter who you have as a vassal. It doesn’t matter to me.” (Shin)

Apparently, Shin seemed to be an unusually apathetic person in anything other than airships.

After that, I saw Russell and Mireille again.

The two seemed to be getting along a lot better than before.

I’m going to give everyone a souvenir.

When night came, I had a more luxurious meal than usual.

I was asked various questions such as what kind of place the imperial city was and what kind of person the emperor was.

I asked them if something had happened while I was away from Lamberk, but I was relieved that nothing unusual had happened.

It seems that new information from the shadow has not come yet.

The next day, I took the letter I received from Clan-sama and headed towards Canale.

I arrived at noon.

Entering Canale Castle I meet with Lemail-sama.

“Ars, you’ve come. Did you finish Clan-sama’s tasks safely?” (Lemail)

“Yes, the negotiations have been completed successfully.”

“Oh! That’s right! That will give Clan-sama a definite advantage! So maybe the letter is a request to head out?” (Lemail)

“You’re right Lemail-sama.”

I gave the letter to Lemail-sama.

Lemail-sama read the letter.

“That’s right. It’s unlikely that Sights will attack us right now. I was the first to get information and tell Clan-sama that there was turmoil brewing at Sights. It seems that several aristocrats have rebelled against the Governor-General of Sights in response. They can’t afford to send troops to other states.” (Lemail)

I heard the detailed situation here for the first time, but was that everything?

The Governor of Sights may not be a talented person.

“Once we gather the soldiers in Canale County here. Then we will head to Sempler. It’s April 1st, so it’s not clear if we’ll be in time for April 20th. Anyway, go back to Lamberk. Come back and come here again with your soldiers. ” (Lemail)

“I understand.”

Upon receiving the order, I hurried back to the mansion.

Upon arriving at the mansion, I ordered the soldiers to hurry and prepare.

This time I’ll take Ritsu, Charlotte, Mireille, and Russell.

Shin is left in the mansion.

Until the end of the war, it seems that he will review whether his airship theory is absolutely right.

I’m a little worried about the mansion, but I decided to leave it to him because some vassals have served the Louvent family before I was born.

The total number of soldiers that the Louvent family can now send is around 200.

It’s more than before, but it’s still quite small.

I led the soldiers to Canale Castle.



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