Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 90: Start marching

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 I take the soldiers to Canale.

 By the time we arrived, some soldiers had already gathered.

 Some soldiers haven’t arrived yet.

 I had to wait for a while.

 I will use this time to finish what I should do.

 I wanted to change the content of the request to Shadow.

 During the war, there may be times when I might want to get the help of Shadow.

 It seems they would be quite useful when conquering a castle.

 Therefore, I asked them to pull out of Alcantes and investigate Beltud.

 The reward is the same as when examining Alcantes.

 Also, if the place where I come to get information is at Tremps, it will take too much time to acquire the information, so I decided to get the information somewhere near the Sempler at first.

 After that, I will change the meeting place depending on the situation.

 I have a vassal in Canale who receives information from Shadow.

 When Ben came, I told them about Sempler and the change in the request and the meeting place.

 I don’t know when Ben will come to Sempler, and I may not be at Sempler at that time, so I instructed a vassal to hurry towards Sempler and do the same job after giving instructions to Ben.

 Hours later, Hammond Plaid, lord of Torrequista, and Karl Orslow, lord of Khmer, also led their troops to Canale.

 Torrequista and Khmer have more troops than Lamberk because they have a larger territory and a larger population than Lamberk.

 That said, there is no big difference between the 350 soldiers led by Hammond and the 250 soldiers led by Karl.

 Most of the soldiers gathered this time are Canale soldiers, and it seems that there are 4,000 in all.

 If we include all the soldiers in Canale County together, there are about 4,800 strong.

“Everyone!! Thank you for gathering!!” (Lemail)

 Lemail-sama appears in front of the soldiers and raises a loud voice.

“Now, Alcantes, the capital of Messiaen, is in the hands of the rebel Basamark! To recapture it, we will join Clan-sama’s army and help defeat Basamark! Occupy Beltud, one of the big cities of Messiaen! Occupying Beltud will make it easier to defeat Alcantes!” (Lemail)

 “Oh!!!” Said the soldiers.

 It is mostly male soldiers nearly 5,000 soldiers.

 It became a fairly loud battle cry as it echoed.

 Under the command of Lemail-sama, we started the march towards Sempler.


 After a few days of marching, we arrived at Sempler on April 18th.

 A tremendous number of soldiers had already gathered at Sempler.

 According to reports, there are 60,000 people at the moment.

 It seems that 10,000 more people will come here, but it seems that it will not be in time for the day after tomorrow when the march is scheduled to start. I wouldn’t wait for the chance they didn’t come.

 There are 100,000 people in the entire army.

 The rest of the soldiers will be used for defense and recapture of the key areas.

 However, will so many soldiers be able to fight…

 A feeling of tension struck me.

 How big a battle will it be?

 The state of Paradigm will attack Alcantes two days later.

 I can never show weakness in front of my vassals.

 No matter what the scene, I decided to keep my heart strong.

 And two days later, April 20th.

 The information came that the paradigm had started to invade Alcantes.

“The time is ripe! We are going to invade Alfada County !!” (Clan)

 With the command of Clan-sama, a large army began to march into Alfada County.

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