Shadow Court Magician Chapter 39: No Blind Spot

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 “Well, you shit, are you saying that all the conversations we’ve had so far have been recorded…” (Wagner)



 Viscount Wagner had his knees and voice shaking, but his men were surprisingly calm.



“Viscount, it’s too early to give up. I mean, you shouldn’t be afraid of Sun Elfism. If you ask Kerich-sama, he can choke every article, no, every reporter.” (Soldier)


“Well, that’s right. His reach can do that.” (Wagner)


“And it’s just a recorder, so we can just take it and destroy it.” (Soldier)


“It’s a recorder, if we destroy it, there’s no evidence.” (Wagner)



 The viscount regains a smile on his face.


 When I heard their conversations, I started laughing, “Puhahahaha.”


“That’s right Viscount. You’re really stupid.”


“What the!” (Wagner)


“No, of course, the current conversation was also recorded. You now also added the crime of tampering with the evidence.”


“So what. If we destroy the recorder, it’s done, no evidence.” (Wagner)


“Is that so? This might be a recorder, but the latest recorders are amazing?”



 Then I lift the cable attached to the end of the recorder.



“… What is that?” (Wagner)


“This is connected to the antenna over there.”


“What is that antenna?” (Wagner)



 The Viscount looked at the antenna in the shade of a tree.



“It’s pointing in the direction of the Royal Capital, and now all our conversations are being broadcast live in the Royal Capital Square.”


“What are you saying!?” (Wagner)



 All the enemy soldiers, including the Viscount, are astonished.


 “Uh, it’s a lie!” For the Viscount who claims this to be, the scene on the square is magically shown.



“Look, the inhabitants of the Royal Capital, they are disgusted by you and your boss’s actions.”



 An image projected by magic appears.


 Citizens who stop and watch over the situation are now are being reflected there.


 There was a huge crowd of people.


 The Viscount sees the scene and his beard started quivering.



“… Let’s go, you guys!” (Wagner)


“What a nice expression on your face. You have the expression of a dying man”


“Of course. I will never forgive you for what you’ve done!” (Wagner)


“Well, well, you still look like you can afford to.”


“It’s natural. I’m Kerich-sama’s confidant. I’ll manage to survive with Kerich-sama’s power. I may be put on a military trial, but I’ll still be acquitted.” (Wagner)


“Well, I’m impressed with your villainous habit of never giving up, but your top boss, Kerich, doesn’t care about you.”


“What are you saying?” (Wagner)



 In order to enlighten the Viscount who is quite stubborn, I will create a defensive line in front of the Viscount.


 When the Viscount sees it, he screamed, but at the next moment, the soldiers fall down one after another.


 “What is that!?” (Wagner)


 At first, the Viscount seems to have mistakenly thought that the soldiers were defeated by my magic. But then he realizes that’s not the case. I also heard what sounded like gunpowder bursting.



“Hey, is it a gunshot?” (Wagner)


“Yes, it is.”



 I turned around and saw that it was a regular Ernian soldier.



“That’s Kerich’s Guards.”


“So, His Highness’s personal army!? That’s stupid!? They’re our ally.” (Wagner)


“You seem to be the only one who thinks so. It seems you’re the only one who thinks so. —I mean, that whole charade you just pulled, it seems to have gotten through to Kerich.”


“What do you mean?” (Wagner)


“You’re an idiot, Viscount. You’ve been cut off. They’re going to kill you and kill us all and make it all go away.”


“What the hell!?” (Wagner)



 The Viscount’s incredulous expression was dispelled by the actions of the enemy forces.


 Kerich’s guards shot a second volley when as soon as they raised their guns again.


 When I saw it, I called Princess Sicily to move behind me.


 For the time being, the Viscount too.


 After confirming that they have gathered behind me, I create a spherical defense wall in front of me.


 The enemy troops fired their guns, but the spherical wall of defense deflected the enemy’s bullets without difficulty.



“What is this magic? It’s amazing.” (Sicily)


“By making the defensive wall spherical, it diffuses the power, so that a little bit of magic power can block even the strongest bullets.”



 That also prevents the third volley.


 Sicily, who was watching it said,



“Wow…” (Sicily)



 But the maid, Chloe, wasn’t just praising it.



“The live broadcast strategy and this ability to prevent enemy attacks are all wonderful, but is there a way to get out of this predicament?” (Chloe)



 Chloe seems to be more worried about the princess than her own self.


 I replied to reassure her,



“Of course. The Court Magician Leon von Almarsh has no blind spots.”




 When I said that, Chloe smiled at me with a relieved expression.






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