Shadow Court Magician Chapter 8: A Fake Party

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When I get up from my seat on time, my superior naturally complains.



“You’ve been slacking off during the day, and now you’re going home on time?” (Superior)


“It is heartbreaking. I would like to work some overtime and earn some overtime pay.”



 My superior said nothing else, though he was deeply disappointed.


 I am already established in this workplace, and it is normal for me to return on time.


The nickname “Salary Thief Leon” was not an accident.


 I head to the main street of the royal capital without worrying about my colleague’s stares.


 The main streets of the royal capital are part of the commercial center, but I have never visited them because they are mainly department stores and luxury stores.


 The Almarsh family has always been poor since our exile.


 However, I am still a former aristocrat, and even if I was demoted, I am a former aristocrat, so I knocked on the gates of Sicily’s mansion without worrying about it.


 After knocking, a man dressed as a butler welcomed me.


 He quickly inspects me from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. He seemed to immediately see me as someone suspicious, but let me through.


 He must have heard from the maid that a “dull-looking magician” was coming.


 He showed me around carefully.


 This building is located on the main street of the royal capital, but it is not too grandiose because there are many other high-class houses in this area.


 Those who want to set up a large mansion do not do so here, but on the outskirts of the capital.


 Therefore, the house was smaller than I had imagined, but it was still splendidly built.


 The walls were marble, and the furnishings everywhere were obviously of high quality.


 As I was led to the dining room, soothing my eyes with these works of art along the way, I saw that the party had already started.


 There were a number of men and women dressed in beautiful clothes. It was a standing-room-only party, and they were talking with drinks in their hands.


 They are all aristocrats or merchants. He had that aristocratic look or looked very wealthy.


 I sighed that the dinner party was just two people, and the maid who came to my office earlier appeared.



“Leon-sama, you are here.” (Maid)


“You have invited -Um.”


“Of course, I have not introduced myself yet.” (Maid)



 “I am sorry for being rude,” the maid said while bowing.



“My name is Chloe. It is just Chloe. I am a commoner.” (Maid => Chloe)


“I see. That is a good name. And it is cute.”


“I am flattered, but I think those words are…” (Chloe)


“I want to do that, but she is quite the popular individual.”



 When I saw Sicily, multiple people already surrounded her. She seems to be popular regardless of gender.



“Her Highness is indeed a popular person, but today’s guest of honor is Leon-sama.” (Chloe)


“I could not be. It looks like a meeting between aristocrats and merchants.”


“This is a sideshow for Leon-sama to see the reality of aristocratic life.” (Chloe)


“What do you mean sideshow?”


“For example, look at that person.” (Chloe)



 The maid, Chloe points her finger.



“Look at the plump merchant over there.” (Chloe)


“The fat monkey?”


“……” (Cloe)



 Chloe affirmed with silence and continued.



“He has a dozen mistresses. He also owns a lot of sexual slaves, but he’s not tired of it and is aiming for Her Highness.” (Chloe)


“How full of life.”


“I’d like to take a pair of pliers to him someday, but he’s a powerful merchant in this country. We want him to be on our side, so we invite him to these meetings.” (Chloe)


“Sounds tough.”


“It is tough.” (Cloe)



 Chloe answered immediately and continued.



“The man in the uniform over there is a playboy, and he’s an avaricious man. He embezzles the military’s money and line his own pockets.” (Chloe)


“A soldier’s meager salary can’t buy jewelry.”



 We see the soldier’s wife adorning her jewelry like a bird of paradise.


 Chloe also introduced the people in the audience, but about 80% of them were snobs among snobs, little villains who looked like they belonged in a novel.


 It makes me angry to think that the taxpayers are feeding these people.



“This is the scene that Her Highness wants to show you.” (Chloe)


“I have enjoyed myself a lot. I am almost afraid to look at my paycheck tomorrow.”


“Then it is effective, and it is exactly what Her Highness intended.” (Chloe)


“So what are you going to do with me seeing all this?”



 I popped a cracker with caviar at the end of the table into my mouth. I had not had caviar since I was a kid, but it was quite tasty.


 When I finish swallowing the caviar crackers, I see something that answers my question.


 It is Sicily.


 It seems her guests have finally released her.


 She addresses me with a slightly tired expression.



“It is been a long time. Leon-sama.” (Sicily)


“It is been a long time, princess.”


“Yes, I really wanted to get in touch sooner, but I have a lot to do.” (Sicily)



 When I look at the people at the venue, which are bothersome and seemingly useless, I sympathize with them.


 She gives me a bitter smile and pulls my hand.



“This doesn’t seem like the place for a dance party, though.”


“But if Leon-sama wants, you can dance without music.” (Sicily)


“… Let us stop. I do not want to stand out.”


“Because you are a beautiful man, you are attracting attention.” (Sicily)


“No. I am not good at dancing. I do not want to step on you.”



 With a laugh, Sicily moves to head out of the party, saying that we do not have to worry about it.



“Where are you going, and while leaving your guest?”


“To the place where I really want Leon-sama to see the spectacle.” (Sicily)



 Sicily quickly goes out of the building. A carriage was already prepared.



“How smart.”


“Because time is not infinite.” (Sicily)




 Then we just got into the carriage and we headed to a certain place.






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