Underground Doctor Chapter 23: Kaoru’s weakness? Part 2

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“But you have.”



 Alicia looks like she is brimming with questions.


 I smiled wryly.


 In my original world, which is not totally different from this world, here is an infectious disease that has caused the most deaths.


 The name of the disease is the Black Death Plague.


 It killed about 85 million people of the world’s population during the 14th century.


 It even surpasses the death toll of World War I.


 It is said that as many as 5,000 people die per day.


 The worst of the diseases.


 The illness discovered this time is different from this, but if it is overlooked, it will become a serious problem later. [T/N: I think it might be more similar to cholera pandemics. Those were some massive deaths. Similarly, it is gastroenteritis. The Black Death (Yersinia pestis) is caused by a bacterium and is transmitted mostly through fleabites, droplets, or body fluids. However, both diseases are still deadly. I just think, currently, this Pine Syndrome is more similar to cholera.]


 It’s still September and the temperature is warm.


 Various infectious diseases occur in the summer.


 They do not kill you, but the complications are scary.


 This illness is a kind of infectious gastroenteritis.


 With one pine bacterium, although it is not a threat to that extent, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance were possible symptoms.


 A lot of complications branch out from these symptoms.


 Unlike humans, subhumans have different electrolytes.


 About 60% of the human body is water, and this water exists as body fluid such as intracellular fluid and plasma.


 Body fluids are further distinguished from electrolytes, which are mineral ions that dissolve in water and conduct electricity (such as sodium and chloride ions), and non-electrolytes that dissolve in water but do not conduct electricity (such as glucose).


 Each electrolyte plays an important role in human life by maintaining a balance.


 One by one, these electrolytes include “sodium”, which regulates the body’s water content; “potassium”, which affects muscles and nerves; “calcium”, which helps form bones and teeth, transmit nerve impulses, and coagulate blood; and “chlorine”, which supplies oxygen to the body.


 When people get sick, this balance may collapse.


 Electrolyte ions are rarely out of balance, but once they are, life can become dangerous.


 This can lead to serious diseases.




 The standard value of human electrolyte ions is


  Sodium: 135-150 mEq / l


  Potassium: 3.5-5.0 mEq / l


  Calcium: 9-11 mEq / l


  Chlorine: 95-108 mEq / l


 It is said that.


 Simply put, mEq / l represents the concentration within 1 liter.


 m is 1/1000.


 Eq is the Equivalent.


 Equivalent is a unit measured by numbers.


 For example, a unit of weight that is often used is 1 kg of eggs.


 When the same weight is expressed by the equivalent amount, it is expressed as 20 pieces of eggs.


 Moreover, since the electrolyte behaves by the number of its particles depending on sodium and potassium, it is expressed by Eq rather than weight.



 Only [sodium] is a little lower than human’s, and most of the rest is a little more than a human’s.


 Infectious gastroenteritis causes dehydration.


 Then, the amount of water in the body decreases, and [sodium] becomes low.


 This can lead to complications of serious illnesses such as acute renal failure, acute nephritis, and heart failure. [T/N: Nephritis is the swelling of kidneys.]


 Therefore, I am a little worried about demihumans with low [sodium].


 I talked to Alicia about the pine bacterium, ut she made an interesting face as she said, “Huh”.



“You don’t know about it yet.”


“Okay. I don’t understand, but I remembered it!” (Alicia)


“You are really enthusiastic about studying.”


“Well, that’s why …” (Alicia)



 Alicia then came close to my side and asked me many questions.


 It is good that you are asking questions.


 It is a good thing, but…


 It is close.


 It is very close.


 I do not know if Alicia does not realize it, or if she is aiming for it, but it is touching me.


 Yes, her soft, warm breasts are hitting my arm.


 Because of the break-in of my explanation, I was distracted from work mode.


 She was slightly impatient at my unexpected action.


 Since I had decided to take Alicia with me, I had been changing little by little.


 It was partly because I had become aware of her as my special person.


 I felt safe with Alicia, although I had no proof that she would not leave me under any circumstances.


 So when I came back to my senses, I felt a little vulnerable to Alicia.



“Oh, Alicia … Aren’t you a little too close?”


“What? Is that so?” (Alicia)



 I turned to Alicia and said that, and ended up facing her with a serious expression on my face.


 Our eyes met and we could probably hear each other’s breath.


 It is too close, very close.


 If I move forward a little, our lips will touch.


 It was such an unbearable distance.



“……Ah” (Alicia)



 At that moment, Alicia turns bright red looking quite the prize.


 Well, she looks perfect.


 Then, she gently closes her eyes and leaves it to me.


 Alicia, slightly illuminated by the lamp, was beautiful.


 She was trembling a little, and her courage made her look more lovely again.


 I put my hand on Alicia’s cheek and gently laid my lips on hers.


 The moment we touched, she froze for a bit.


 Soon, Alicia’s tremors have subsided.


 I felt awkward when I gently coaxed her mouth with my tongue, but Alicia responds in kind.


 How adorable.


 Alicia’s tongue has the faint sweetness of esca.


 Far too long and still far too quick, we separated.



“… Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)



 She looks at me feverishly, her eyes glazed.


 I stroke Alicia’s head lightly.


 She looks like a cute purring cat.


 Every expression on Alicia’s face makes me weak on the knees.



“Oh, are you hungry? Let’s eat.”


“… Yes.” (Alicia)



 Alicia is dazed.


 I managed to disperse the mood.  


 This is because it seems that we will go and not stop.


 During the trip, I was exposed to this kind of mood several times, but I managed to avoid it.


 I head for the kitchen.


 Alicia stares at my back,



“Are you not attracted to me… If it is Kaoru-sama… I am…” (Alicia)



 Alicia said in such a small voice.


 When Kaoru asked, “Did you say something?”, She just replied, “No … nothing.”


 Kaoru then begins cooking in the kitchen.



 My face was burning, I am probably red like a boiled octopus.


 So, the words she mentioned earlier reached my ears.


 I kept it in my heart.


 I can’t afford to just touch her because she is too precious to me.


 She is also very attractive.


 However, I hesitated to continue, I feel that something unseen would break when I complete the deed.


 A little fear was planted in my once broken heart.


 My fear of change is like chains dragging me down.


 I think it is different from the past.


 Alicia is now wearing a pink apron and stands next to me to help.


 I’m not feeling alright.



 Looking at Alicia, I took a deep breath without pausing with the cooking and I addressed Alicia.

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