Underground Doctor Chapter 28: The Price of Postponement Part 2

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“Oh yeah, this village will soon have to be officially recognized.” (Enrique)


“Hmm? What do you mean?”


“Oh? Don’t you know? I’m from Faguilded. That’s when I heard about it. I heard that you can provide on the island an inn, merchant stores, and a clinic for a long-term basis. Once it’s official, we can set up guides and a guild.” (Enrique)


“I’m glad Kaoru-sama. Dirk-san finally found a new therapist.” (Alicia)





 I put my hand on my chin and think for a moment.


 I haven’t heard such content from Dirk-san in the last few days.


 Rather, he said he went to Faguilded yesterday to update Bud’s party contract, but I didn’t hear about any further progress.


 I have a bad feeling about this.


 Speaking of which, I don’t think Bud and the others came to the clinic yesterday evening.


 I was deep in thought.


 Enrique keeps talking breaking my thoughts.



“There are such excellent healers here. This island is in good hands.” (Enrique)


“Eh? We are temporary healers, right?” (Alicia)


“Hmm? That’s weird. I’ve heard that there’s a permanent healer here now.” (Enrique)


“What’s going on?” (Alicia)





 Alicia doesn’t understand what Enrique is saying.


 She doesn’t remember Kaoru making a formal contract with Dirk.


 Enrique looks a little too happy.


 It feels a little creepy.


 Alicia notice that Kaoru is has a strange expression.


 She suddenly becomes anxious.



“Oh? Didn’t you hear? This is a big deal.” (Enrique)



 Enrique was speaking in an amused and superior tone.


 It’s easy to see that something unpleasant is going on without my knowledge.


 And, based on this guy named Enrique, I can’t help but feel like I’m being dragged along.



“And are you a member of the Healers Guild?” (Enrique)




“You’re not in the guild? That would be a credibility problem. Well, that’s tough. And if you’re that kind of person, no matter how talented you are, you’re going to get into some kind of trouble sooner or later. Why haven’t you join the Healers Guild even now?” (Enrique)



 I did not react to Enrique’s words and just listened to his prattling.


 Enrique speaks talkatively as if he was possessed by something.


 It’s as if he knew I couldn’t enter the Healer’s Guild.


 Alicia was getting scared.



“No, it was a big help. Then I will hurry and proceed on my journey.” (Enrique)



 When he tried to stand up, the Pink Rabbi on Alicia’s head threatened him.


 Enrique confirmed that the Pink Rabbi is genuine and grins.



“It’s rare. I thought it was a stuffed animal. Is it a real pink rabbi?” (Enrique)


“…” (Alicia)



 Alicia quickly secures and hugs Pink Rabbi, who was silently on her head.


 Enrique squints while looking at Alicia.



“Then, how much is my bill?” (Enrique)


“2000 liras.”


“2000 Liras?” (Enrique)





 He paid the money and left the clinic, wide-eyed and stunned.


 I guess the price was outrageous.



“Oh, he is completely involved.”


“Eh?” (Alicia)



 Alicia confusedly looks at me.


 She has a naïve look on her.


 Alicia was ignorant of these things.



“He’s probably a companion of those harassing Dirk-san or something.”


“That’s right! But he was injured. I thought he was a special patient.” (Alicia)


“If that were the case, I’d still be okay. I thought he was a special patient. The injury was new, and demons don’t usually spring up around here. Bud and the others are doing their best.”


“Uh… I was deceived.” (Alicia)


“Alicia is likely to be deceived and follow everywhere as long as you’re led by a Pink Rabbi.”


“Wow, I wouldn’t follow them that easily!” (Alicia)


“I doubt that.”



 Alicia gets a little sullen.


 It is not that she is an easy woman to lead by the nose, but she is lost whenever it involves a Pink Rabbi product, so she had no credibility here.



“But seriously, what are we going to do? I think Bud and the others were just trying to sell the idea that they had found a healer.”


“Ooooh, that’s likely. I can imagine him saying that. I’m sorry, Bud.” (Alicia)



 I think it’s just a matter of daily interaction.


 It’s easy for even Alicia to recognize the behavior.



“I have to go to ask Dirk-san for the time being.”


“If you don’t ask in detail, I think you have to make a judgment based on just that man’s words.” (Alicia)



 With that said, only Alicia’s hands are touching and petting the pink rabbi.


 All she wants to do is hug the rabbi but the creature just wants to hide.


 I was worried that something might fall on her sooner or later.


 Soon, Alicia and I decided to head to Dirk-san’s home because his work ends at noon.





~3rd Person Perspective~



 Enrique from the clinic walks straight to the coast of the island.


 The expression is pretty good.


 He walked confidently and effortlessly with a triumphant look on his face.



“Fuhahaha was impatient at first, but there seemed to be something. I guess he’s never going to be a healer on this island. But I didn’t think the wounds I just let the brownie wolf randomly inflict would heal.” (Enrique)



 Enrique grimaced.


 He wondered if he would be able to return to Faguilded peacefully.


 But the one thing he regretted was the presence of the Pink Rabbis.


 He wondered if he could somehow get his hands on that animal alone.


 Pink Rabbis are a rare species.


 They are hard to find.


 But there are two of them in that clinic.


 He wondered if they lived on this island.


 But basically, they don’t stay in one place forever.


 He guessed that they were only there by chance.


 They can be sold at a high price when they are alive, and even if you kill them and turn them into an item, you can get a lot of money that you won’t need money for several years.


 However, a living one is ten times more valuable.


 He didn’t do that because he knows that robbing Alicia is a suicide act.


 Kaoru’s presence was indeed a warning bell for any such actions.


 The sea is receding and the path is slowly appearing.


 Just as he was thinking that if we waited a little longer, he would be able to get through.


 He felt a presence behind him.


 He turned around and saw a limp Pink Rabbi waddling around.


 There was only one of them.


 His eyes widened and he was instantly in a capture position.


 It is said that it is very difficult to capture a wild Pink Rabbi.


 They’re so fast that it’s impossible to catch them.


 However, Enrique approached it as if he were happy to see it in a weakened state.


 Pink rabbits could not escape and were easily caught.


 It bites Enrique’s finger and stares at him, its eyes blazing with alarm.


 A small amount of blood flowed from his fingertips.


 He takes out a dried berry food from his item box and brings it to the Pink Rabbi’s mouth.


 He stares at it as if to say that he is not hostile.


 Weakly, it removes its mouth from his fingers and jumps on the dried berry food.


 It must have been hungry.


 Enrique grinned and quickly tucked the Pink Rabbi into his burlap sack, thinking his luck had just turned.


 Because it had let its guard down, Pink Rabbi was caught before it could use its [Super Luck Attraction – Happy Burst].


 The weakened Pink Rabbi went limp and motionless.


 He licked his slightly bleeding fingers and smiled wryly.



 As it was, Enrique left Vista Island and returned to Faguilded.

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