Announcement: Happy Second Year Anniversary

It has been almost two years since my first post in Novel Updates on, then, and finally I’m hosting with my own domain. I didn’t think I would last this long but I’m happy I did. I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for all the patrons, donors, and readers. Thank you, I hope to keep it up in the future.
As my thanks and an anniversary celebration. I’m going to give a permanent 20% discount to new ko-fi subscribers. It will be available for this month only so sign up while it’s available. I’m also reducing the ads permanently.
Now for some future stuff, I realized that I just can’t keep the site up and run a ton of ads to keep it afloat. It’s annoying. So, I’m going to change platforms to something free-ish. I’m planning to move everything to Blogger/Blogspot and just pay for the domain name. The ads will be good enough to keep paying the domain name so that’s good enough. There’s also no need to worry, I’ll keep this site up until next year, paid it in advance. (^^)v. It’s also going to be a suitable time to review some of my old translations and fix them.
Once again, thank you and please keep supporting me.
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